Main Objects of USTC

  1. To improve the quality and standard of education in Science and Technology with special emphasis on Medical, Pharmaceutical and Social Sciences.
  2. Help development of manpower resources at home and in the developing countries with special emphasis on the South and South-East Asia region and the Middle East.
  3. Implementation of CBME for the development of social responsibility of the trainees through the understanding of the local problems, needs, requirements thus reducing the existing gap between theory and practice, Besides, this will improve primary health care through participation of teachers and students.
  4. To counter the acute shortage of teachers in Basic Medical Sciences by introducing Non-Medical BSc (Hons) and MSc Courses in these subjects.
  5. To broaden facilities for the study of Pharmaceutical Sciences, a speciality with a gap between the need and the resources.
  6. To upgrade the quality of teaching Social Sciences, Business Management and Agriculture with improved curriculum.

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Main Objectives of USTC
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