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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Need for a BBA degree

The business of management is becoming complex day by day. Business managers must adapt themselves with the ever changing environment. Surviving in management profession requires tremendous amount of creativity, motivation, skill, temperament, and visualization. Very few programmes can provide these essentials for survival. Yet, a well designed BBA programme can cater to these basic essentials. The BBA programme is a professional undergraduate programme for individuals who plan to start their carriers in management positions. USTC-BBA four-year programme will provide an opportunity for the young learners to develop their intellectual setup and skills so as to enable them meet the needs of the business community.

Admission requirement

For native students

A Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or its equivalent in Science, Arts, Commerce or other fields is the basic educational requirement. The minimum qualifying points to apply for admission is 4.

Certificate - GPA

SSC I Equivalent - 2.5
HSC I Equivalent - 2.5

Students who have passed at least 5 papers in GCE 'O‘ Level and 2 papers in GCE ‘A’ Level with minimum C grade in both the levels may also apply.

Final selection for admission is based on the marks obtained by the applicants in an obligatory written test followed by an interview.

For international students

Overseas students, who meet the US’I‘C admission requirement applied to the local students or equivalent, are welcome. However, they have to take the TOEFL test and obtain a minimum score of 520 (paper-based) or 193 (computer-based) to be eligible for admission without sitting for written test.


Programme Overview

FBA-BBA programme extends over a period of four years divided into 8 semesters. Each semester consists of 6 months. A student can take 5 courses in a semester and each course is credited as 3 units. Thus, a total of 40 courses of 120 credits are required to complete the course work. Besides, BBA students have to attend a viva-voce examination which will be held immediately after the final examination of each semester. There shall be a board of viva-voce examination to be duly constituted by the Faculty in which at least one external examiner may be included. Students must note that the medium of instruction in BBA programme is English.

Degree requirement

  • Completion of 40 courses (120 credits)
  • Passing of individual courses maintaining a minimum grade point (GP) of 2.50
  • Passing of all courses in each semester final examination and maintaining a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.50
  • Passing of all semester courses with maintaining a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.50
  • Completion of 8-week Internship programme with a minimum grade point (GP) of 2.50.

Course Evaluation Process

The course evaluation process comprises of the following components:

lst Term Examination                               10
Mid-Term Examination                             10
Class Participation 8: Attendance              10
Assignment 8: Presentation                      10
Final Examination                                     50
Viva-voce                                                10
Total                                                     100

Grading System

Faculty of Business Administration, USTC follows an internationally acceptable grading system. The grading system followed by the Faculty is as follows


Numerical Grade             -              Letter Grade      -              Grade Point
80% and above                                 A+ (A Plus)                         4.0
75% to less than 80%                      A (A regular)                        3.75
70% to less than 75%                      A- (A minus)                         3.5
65% to less than 70%                      B+ (B Plus)                          3.25
60% to less than 65%                      B (B regular)                        3.0
55% to less than 60%                      B- (B minus)                         2.75
50% to less than 55%                      C+ (C Plus)                          2.5
45% to less than 50%                      C (C regular)                        2.25
40% to less than 45%                      D                                         2.0
Less than 40% F 0.0

Students obtaining ’D’ grade in any subject may opt to either sit for an improvement examination by paying a fee of BDT 600/ - for each course in order to upgrade their grades to a maximum of C+ grade, or repeat the course in the following semester whereby the latter will be added to CGPA. Students with ’F’ grades must repeat the course.

Students with below CGPA 2.00 will not be considered eligible to be awarded a BBA degree. In such a case, they may be given a chance to improve their grades by repeating some of the courses with due payment.


Highly qualified and motivated permanent faculty and guest faculty from different Universities and professionals from national and multinational business concerns.

Special examination

In place of the semester final examinations, special examinations may be arranged on different dates than those of the semester final examinations - should there be genuine medical reasons or cases of emergency. Students seeking special examinations have to apply to the Dean with a fee of BDT 1,500 / - per course. However, the special examinations can only be arranged before the date of the retake examination of the respective course and not after.

Barring from examination

One can be barred from appearing at semester examinations if he/she does not meet 80 percent of class attendance. However, students with 60 percent, but below 80 percent, in a course may be considered with a fine of BDT 200/ - per course. Students with less than 60 percent attendance in a course may be allowed to appear in the examination subject to a payment of BDT 400/ - per course. It should be noted that students with less than 50 percent by no means be allowed to sit for the final examination excepting strong medical reasons subject to the consideration of the authority. In such a case the payment to be made by a student is BDT 800/ - per course.

Unfair means in the examination

Any form of unfair means in the examination by a student will lead to strong disciplinary action up to expulsion from the university, depending on the decision of the authority and severity of the offense.

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